Power Ionizer Replacement Chamber

Power Ionizer Replacement Chamber
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HOT PROMOTION -Buy Today and get a FREE INSTA TEST KIT! (Will automatically ship with your order.) Better for you. Better for the Planet. The Power Ionizer releases natural minerals to provide a cleaner pool and better quality of water. When the chamber light illuminates, it is time to replace the black mineral chamber. Each replacement chamber contains silver and copper minerals to naturally sanitize your pool. The chamber lasts approximately one pool season, and sometimes more, depending on pool size and usage.  Please Note:  This is a seasonal replacement part for use only with the electronic Power Ionizer by Main Access.  Although chemical usage is drastically reduced with this product, a weekly "shock" program is recommended.

  • The Power Ionizer electronically deposits natural elements into your pool with fingertip adjustability.
  • These natural minerals are safe to you, your family and our environment.
  • Using less chemicals reduces itchy skin, irritated eyes, faded swimsuits and harsh odors.
  • Your water looks better and feels better, because it is better.
  • The built-in Accu-brite display lets you see your pool's water temperature from up to 50 feet away!
  • Fingertip adjustablility for longer chamber life and precision balance.
  • Easily converts from all other chemical sanitizing systems except Baquacil TM and Softswim TM.
  • Economical to operate! High-tech, low voltage ionizer operates at approximately 1 1/2 cents per day!
  • The Power Ionizer is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Harness the power of nature... Your trying to make better choices using more natural solutions in your life already, shouldn't your pool water be?
  • Better for you, better for the planet. Less time. Less Money. Less Chemicals.
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